ID Verification

How do I choose the best ID Verification solution?

Discover key factors in selecting an effective solution for identity verification, ensuring security, compliance, and user experience in your business operations.

The best ID Verification solution is the most complete one. Identity verification includes authentication with an official document such as a government-issued ID document or passport, correcting and validating individual contact data elements, and verifying the extracted metadata against reliable reference data.

The best ID Verification solution provides end-to-end coverage, from scanning and authenticating official IDs to checking an individual against international watchlists. In between, there are many steps to providing a complete process to really Know Your Customer (KYC) and be able to prove it. An ID Verification solution should facilitate and simplify adherence to these KYC regulations.

Your complete solution should cover these crucial steps:

  1. Intuitive and rapid document submission and liveness checks
  2. Remote ID Document scanning and technical, objective authenticity checks
  3. Secure document data transmission
  4. Extraction of metadata from the document and allowing users to make self-corrections
  5. Correcting and validating contact data elements such as name, address, phone, and email
  6. Verifying individuals against a reliable data provider such as a government affiliate or a credit bureau
  7. Screening individuals against international watchlists including official sanctions, terrorist organization lists, and negative news (AKA “adverse media”)
  8. Acceptance and rejection processes for identity verification submissions
  9. Customer due diligence reports for a fully traceable audit trail
  10. Regular and ongoing monitoring for your existing clientele
  11. Along with these requirements, your ID Verification solution should make the process as efficient as possible, freeing up resources so that you can spend time delivering value to your clientele and generating revenue for your business

At Melissa, we not only provide the tools you need to Know Your Customer and electronically verify their identity, we provide a comprehensive suite of data quality solutions.

Ensure your contact data is fresh, valid, and standardized by utilizing our powerful contact data quality services in a variety of delivery options.

See some of our strengths against competitors in the ID Verification industry:




DocuSign Identify

Remote Onboarding

ID Document Technical Checks

No-Code Government ID and Passport Authentication

Algorithmic Biometric Comparison to Document


OCR Extraction of Document Metadata

Business Portal for Document Review/Approval

Full Audit Trail with Due Diligence Report



Liveness Checks



Cleansing and Validating Addresses



Cleansing and Real-time Verification of Phones and Emails



Screening and Watchlist



Negative News Lookups



Real-time Verification of Metadata Against Reliable Sources (KBA)



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