Early Warning System (EWS)

The Early Warning System (EWS) flags streets not yet included in ZIP+4 reference data and makes sure that addresses are not inaccurately coded or removed

Every year, the United States Postal Service (USPS) adds over 1.5 million new delivery points. With new delivery points, it’s important for the USPS to keep track of addresses that are scheduled to be added to the USPS master file.

The Early Warning System, or the EWS, flags streets not yet included in ZIP+4 reference data. The EWS makes sure that addresses that are not in the USPS master file will not be inaccurately coded or removed. EWS addresses typically include new high rises and housing subdivisions.

Within Melissa’s address and contact verification services, an EWS address will return with a result code AE06.

What is ZIP+4?

ZIP+4 is an extended postal code that includes more specific information about the location. After the standard five-digit ZIP code, the USPS appends four extra numbers to indicate delivery route information.

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How often is the Early Warning System file updated?

The USPS updates the EWS file weekly. Melissa customers receive the updates weekly as well, giving customers accurate and fresh address data.

This EWS file includes partial information, limited to the pre-directionals, post-directionals, street name and the ZIP Code. According to the USPS, addresses added are not present on the most recent production ZIP+4 file. The USPS will assign ZIP+4 to these addresses in next month's ZIP+4 file.

How can I establish delivery for a new construction?

The USPS recommends contacting your local post office before submitting any Change of Address (COA), which can be found online or at your local post office. Once approved, you’ll need to install a federally approved mailbox.

How does the Early Warning System affect businesses?

Understanding which addresses will soon be deliverable and valid helps businesses reach more customers and maintain an accurate reflection of consumer information. Using an address verification tool prevents erroneously flagging or even deleting an address identified by the EWS. Stay ahead of the competition by identifying these new addresses early.

How to Choose a Solution

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