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ID Verification & Employee Onboarding

Electronic ID verification services play a crucial role in modern employee onboarding processes by streamlining and enhancing the verification of new...

health care industry

How to Ensure Data Quality in Healthcare

In the healthcare sector, DQ is crucial as it impacts patient care, decision-making processes, research outcomes, and overall organisational...

electronic ID verification

What is Machine-Readable Zone (MRZ)?

MRZ is a portion of a passport, visa, or other travel document that printed in a format that can be easily read by machine scanners.

Identity Checks

How to Prevent Account Takeover

Account takeover (ATO) is a cybersecurity attack where an unauthorised individual gains access to a user's online account without their permission.

know your customer (KYC)

What is Beneficial Owner?

A beneficial owner is an individual or entity that ultimately enjoys the benefits of owning an asset.

know your customer (KYC)

What is Regulatory Compliance?

Regulatory compliance refers to the process by which organisations adhere to laws, regulations, guidelines, and standards set by government...

know your customer (KYC)

What is Synthetic Fraud?

Synthetic identity fraud is a type of fraud in which criminals create fake identities by combining real and fictitious information.

Global Data Quality

What is Data Completeness?

Data completeness refers to the extent to which all required and expected data elements are present in a dataset.

Global Data Quality

What is Data Transparency?

Data transparency refers to the openness and accessibility of information related to data collection, processing, usage, and sharing.

Digital Identity Verification

What is Strong Customer Authentication?

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a European regulatory requirement aimed at making online payments more secure.

Global Data Quality

What is Data Reliability?

Data reliability refers to the accuracy and consistency of data, ensuring that it can be trusted and used with confidence for various purposes.

Global Data Quality

What is Data Theft?

Data theft refers to unauthorised access to confidential, or personal information from a computer system, network, or data storage device.