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Digital Identity Verification

What is Strong Customer Authentication?

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a European regulatory requirement aimed at making online payments more secure.

ID Verification

The Benefits of Watchlist Screening

Watchlist screening is a vital process for businesses to help prevent fraud. Learn about some benefits that come with watchlist screening integration.

Melissa ID

What is Negative News?

Learn about the importance of Negative News (Adverse Media) screening, why it's important, and how Melissa ID Verification solutions can help.


What is a Vacant Address?

Discover the definition and significance of vacant addresses. Learn how vacancy flags impact business and choose the right address solution for your...

Unique Identifier

Unique ID’s in the US

Are you looking for a unique value to identify addresses in the USA? Here, we cover the pros and cons of USPS data and look at alternatives

Unique Identifier

Unique ID’s in the UK (UPRN/UDPRN)

Discover UK's Unique Address Identifiers (UPRN/UDPRN) tracing properties, addresses & boundaries for precise location insights.


What is a No-Stat Address?

The USPS considers no-stats as inactive addresses that are unlikely to receive mail, and sending mail to an inactive address costs valuable time and...


Military Addresses

Learn the basics of U.S. military addresses to ensure smooth & accurate delivery of letters and packages to those who serve